There are few women who do not want the fairy tale. They find the perfect man, the perfect ring and the perfect wedding…basically happily ever after. “Girl Gets Ring,” appears to be the answer to all of this. At least this is what I thought when I first came across it. It drew me in instantly with its catchy heading, but much to my surprise, it was not as superficial as I thought it would be.

The video presentation, presented by its creator T Dub, offered much more than this. His narration, accompanied with what looked like cue cards with everything he was saying, made it easy to follow. Much to my surprise the video was more about understanding men and why they have such a difficult time committing to relationships. Although it is about helping women find the men of their dreams and getting them to the altar, T Dub offers tips on how to accomplish this without manipulation. This is a refreshing approach, as many blogs teach women that using jealousy is the only way to get a man to say “I do.”

He begins with telling his own personal story of ending a four year relationship with a woman he loved immensely. He knew he loved her enough to ask her to marry him, yet he didn’t understand why he couldn’t actually follow through.

This led him on a journey to understand men and how they think and feel. Through this trek, he developed the program he is now offering to women of all walks of life.

This is another plus of the video presentation. Although the title, “Girl Gets Ring,” leads you to believe the presentation is all about getting a man to marry you and putting a huge rock on your hand, Dub explains it works for anyone, even if you are married and need to revive a marriage that is on the brink of disaster.

Now what I was most impressed with was the fact that he didn’t tease. Most blogs or presentations will tell you what you will find helpful upon ordering their program, but do not elaborate. T Dub did just the opposite. He actually offered some real tips along the way–tips women can implement into their relationships now. Yes, you need more than these tips to see real improvement, but at least what he tells you is a starting point.

The one downfall was the length of the video presentation. I found myself growing a bit bored with it toward the end. I feel he could have shortened it and still made his points. Additionally, while telling his personal story he used such descriptive, flowery words that I felt like I was reading a Danielle Steele book, leaving me to wonder if the situation was real.

My Conclusion

Finally, he was a bit redundant when it came to ordering. He continued to tell possible customers to scroll down and click on the “order now” button. If a customer is truly captivated enough, you only need to tell them two or three times. He went a bit overboard in this area.

His program does offer bonuses and a 60-day money back guarantee. This is enticing, making his $47 dollar program worth looking into. It offers something for every woman looking to improve her relationship, not just girls looking for rings.