How to Keep a Man Interested

How to Keep a Man Interested

All guys are not the same. You can try one tactic to keep a man interested but this may not work with another man. The best thing to do is not to treat them alike and instead experiment with different ways until you find out what that particular guy likes. As a general rule, you can just respond the best way you can to a man by being yourself and being flexible. Remember that it is during the initial stage of the relationship you should devise ways to keep a guy interested. In this article, you will find ways to continuously mesmerize a guy. Here’s some videos worth watching.

To keep a man interested, let him speculate when he is with you. Men do not like it when the girl and the relationship become boring and predictable. By nature, men like challenges; including when they do not know what is in the mind of the girl. If you are used to calling him every day, try not to communicate with him for one whole day. This will really make him wonder.

Having activities of your own that do not involve him will keep your man interested. You have to make him feel that you are not at his beck and call. He should see that not all your weekends are for him. When you have your own interests, this will make you more appealing to him.

Always look and smell nice to keep him interested. Men like it when they are seen with a pretty woman. You must remember that men by nature are egoistic and they love it when they are looked up by other men. You do not have to necessarily dress up to impress but make an effort to look your best. Your man will appreciate your effort.

To keep a man interested, learn something new. This will make you a well-rounded person and your man will be in awe of you for knowing many things. You can also learn his favorite video game, hobby and sport and do them with him. He will appreciate your effort to learn what he likes and he will do the same for you. You may also find the experience enjoyable.

  • Another way to keep a man is to flirt with him often even if your relationship has survived many years. Flirting is exciting and it thrills your guy because he feels attractive.
  • Giving a surprise every now and then will excite and keep a guy interested. You can buy him a ticket to his favorite ball game. You can give him a year’s subscription to a man’s magazine or if he’s interested in carpentry works, you can surprise him with a how-to-do carpentry manual.
  • When you respect yourself, know your rights and are confident, you will keep a man interested. Men do not like women who cling to them, who easily cry over a fight and who chase them. By nature, men like to do the chasing and they get turned-off with women who have no self-respect.


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