How to Survive a Breakup – The Best Words!

by Bella Elaine

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To end up a romantic relationship has never been easy. It is a very painful experience that anyone may experience, depending how you can handle it. Here are some of the things (also watch some videos I pick from youtube) that you must understand on how to survive a break up:

Closure – sometimes you have too many questions why you end up breaking up with each other. You can send a letter to your ex and write all the questions in your mind. Free yourself from these questions for you to start fresh and start moving on with your life. Make sure to read the letter not just once to make sure that you have written everything on your thoughts. Never try to see your ex if you want closure, sending a letter is enough.

Feel the Pain – recognizing the feeling of sadness after your breakup is just a normal process of being a broken hearted. Feeling the pain is a good thing because the pain will force you to survive and makes you willing to move on and start a brand new life.

Never grieve alone – family and friends are important on how to survive a break up. Friends can help you survive because they know exactly what you are going through. Call your friend and cry, talk about it or anything you can do to ease the pain, sadness and feeling of betrayal. You can even turn to your family; you need their support to lessen the pain. Always remember that you should not go through the process alone.

Take care of yourself – while you are going through a lot of challenges with your break up, always remember to take good care of yourself. Emotional upset may drain your strength since you might be suffering from lack of sleep and not eating right.

Make yourself busy – after realizing that you have ended up the relationship and you have grieved enough for your ex. Give time to enjoy by mingling with friends or by finding a new hobby.

Evaluate what is wrong with the relationship – have time to think what have been wrong with your relationship. Think of the things that you have may have done wrong. Be honest to acknowledge your mistakes if there is any. Know if you have been doing the same mistakes from your past relationships and ask for advice from a therapist for you to be more aware and have a successful relationship in the future.

Prayers – prayer is one of the best ways on how to survive a breakup. The power of prayers can help you grow as an individual and can give you inner peace in the middle of challenges. Never let yourself be wrapped with anger, it will only break you. You cannot feel inner peace when you keep the pain and anger.

Move on – when the right time comes, always remember that the greatest revenge for heartbreak is to be happy. When you start to go out and join your friends again, always remember that there is no one who can give you happiness but only you.

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Pam March 15, 2012 at 9:38 am

Great post written by the writer for those who going through the disastrous time of breakup from their loved onces.

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