M3 Breakup Solution; Can it Really Bring Back Your Ex?


Initially, the M3 Breakup Solution system by Michael Griswold would seem to be, on the surface, an attempt to make money off of a broken hearted, desperate person. The program does turn out, however, to have some very valid points and advice.

Michael Griswold himself is a relationship tutor and has been offering couples advice for over a year. Along the way, he himself had a devastating break up with the love of his life. He devised a plan based on his own advice and found it to be successful; he and his girlfriend are together again and enjoying a successful relationship. With the M3 System, he has gathered all the tips and advice he used to win back his ex and presented them in a no-nonsense, straight forward video.

The M3 Breakup Solution, also known as Reunited Relationships, is a series of videos from Mr. Griswold explaining in great detail how to win back your ex. The video series is as much about advising what NOT to do in the shadow of a heartache as it is advice on what you should be doing. The videos will deal with your mindset immediately following a break up, how to attract your ex again, and how to move forward and not fall into the same traps that caused the break up to begin with. The information presented in M3 is broken up into three distinct modules.

The first of these three, the Mindset Module, deals with the feelings of inadequacy, anger and hurt that follows any break up. It paves the way to confidence and strength, and can help with discovering why the break up may have occurred in the first place. It clears the mind, allowing you to stop the behaviors that might have contributed to the break up and now continue to drive your ex away.

Module two is the Method Module and will, over the course of seven videos, show ways to make your self irresistible to your ex. It is full of reminders to remember why your ex fell in love with you to begin with in your journey to make him or her fall in love all over again.

The third module, Moving Forward, covers how to build the relationship when the initial barrier has been broken and you are communicating with your ex again. It will give tips and advice on making both of you feels comfortable during the first date, how to deal with the first phone call after your break up, and even how to handle a long distance relationship.

If the M3 System is successful, it is because of Michael Griswold’s presentation of already well known advice. When a break up occurs, chances are you are not thinking clearly and will fall into traps such as repeated phone calls, showing up where your ex will be and saying all the wrong things. Mr. Griswold makes very perceptive points when he urges you to follow the old saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder.” He takes these thoughts and organizes them into an orderly plan, which is a very helpful approach when you are broken hearted and thinking unclearly.

You will notice that the M3 plan does not make any wild claims to work fast; in fact, Michael stresses that the system will take some time in order to work. You need time to yourself, as does your ex, and this will not be a quick fix.

The overall complaints about the system are few, and mostly focus on the poor video quality of M3, Relationships Reunited. Some will enjoy the relaxed feeling of one-on-one with Mr. Griswold while others will feel that he is talking to his web-cam. Regardless, the program has been getting very good response and is rising in popularity.

M3 Breakup Solution is available online only, via download. It does have three packages to choose from, a silver version at $47, a gold membership of $97 and a platinum version for $197. There is a money-back guarantee and bonuses on the two higher-grade versions.

The M3 Breakup Solution seems to be able to help mend relationships even before they reach a breakup point and it certainly encourages positive, confidence boosting tips and advice. It will work for you, but only if you are willing to devote the time and patience to a plan that may take longer but achieve the results you want. If you do not skip steps or take shortcuts, you will come away from the video feeling much better about yourself and your relationships; that alone is worth at least the price of the silver membership.