Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love With Friendship


Do you have found that he is a perfect guy and started plans to make him fall in love with you? Then he tries desperately to make sure that only have eyes for you? You are also trying to make him feel so strong for you, as you do for him? It is not easy to fall in a boy love, generally takes time, patience and luck. But if you want to improve your chances of finding a place in his heart that there are some things you can do that you do fall in love with you.

About to make you boyfriend more loving you, the first thing to remember that you don’t make a boy love by simply giving him what he wants. While it is important to maintain your boy feeling happy or there also is something like what is all too easy for him. Men enjoy a challenge. It does not too difficult for him though.

Sex is a big problem. Women are often in a dilemma if it must be given to a man what he wants from the outset or make you wait a while. Whatever way you choose, remember that sex is not a good way to make him fall in love with you. In fact, many dating experts believe that it is better to delay sex until you have developed an emotional bond. This may sound old fashioned but there are some very good reasons for this. First, if men get what they want from the beginning, could get bored and move before you have had chance to work their magic on them. Second, women have a tendency to use sex as a way to keep a man with them. This never works for a long time. If you try to do this you are only using sex as a substitute for love. They should focus on the formation of an emotional bond as a solid foundation for your relationship in the first place.

To make a boy fall in love with you, you must forget about sex for a while or at least submit it to the bottom of its agenda. The key to a guy fall in love is friendship. You must be a friend lover, if not more. This friendship must be based on mutual respect, admiration, great conversation and fun. If you want to make him fall in love with you is important to display these things first.