Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey Review – The Secret to “Reading” How He Really Feels About…


Secret Survey is an educational online course for women, written by Michael Fiore, who is considered as a highly reputable, well respected coach, and counselor for both men and women regarding relationships.

Secret Survey reveals an absolute truth about the mind of men; why he lies to the woman he loves the most, why he misleads you, and why he looks at other women even when you are around? What are his thoughts about you that he does not express, what is going through his mind when he cheats on you, or what are his thoughts about other women?

Michael Fiore confidently claims that after reading the book, a woman would be able to realize how a man feels about her without the man saying a word. To prove the superb effectiveness of this program, he assures a money back guarantee within 60 days if the desired results are not achieved.

secret survey video resultsTo know what the program is all about, you do not have to look much farther, the name itself clearly tells you what it is; “The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You To Know, But Will Never Tell You”.

Michael Fiore has also released some other popular products such as Text the Romance Back Book, but so far this is the most authentic program that is rich in content special for women!

The program is designed in such a way that you learn step by step about the whole concept. The whole program is divided into eight lessons which tell you about the nature of men, what goes through their minds and why do they deceive you and take an interest in other women.

Then, there are also a few interviews and community feed backs. In the end, Mike presents the raw data of results. After you become a member, you get two lessons per week for the whole month, and you are notified by emails. These lessons contain exercises at the end to have a better understanding of the lesson.

Question that certainly comes in your way is that if,

The secret survey program is suitable for you or not? The answer to this is pretty straightforward. If you think you have some problems understanding your man and you need help, then this program is obviously for you.

There are many good points and a few weak points about the secret survey. The content is really easy to understand, and the learn strategies can be easily implemented in day to day life. You can enjoy reading the lessons, and the author does an admirable job in keeping you engaged by adding humor to it. Also, secret survey is so far the most versatile relationship course, and the best thing is that the content of secret survey will apply to anyone.

One of the flaws about the program is that you cannot download all the lessons at once. You have to wait for two weeks, to receive and download two lessons. Another drawback, which in my opinion is the worst, is that the system has no functionality to remove unwanted or negative comments. Many women get offended or pissed off by what is written in the initial lessons because it is a fact that there are many points in the survey that are hard to believe.

So, overall in my opinion…

Secret survey is so far one of the best programs out there that helps you to understand men and make your relationship better. The author obviously knows what he has to say and the price is not at all a burden on your pocket. Therefore, I highly recommend this program to all those women who are not 100% happy with their relationships with men.