Michael Webb’s 1000 Questions for Couples Review

Michael Webb’s 1000 Questions for Couples Review

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1000 Questions for Couples review; For someone who is trying to figure out to be partners in life can sometime be frustrating since you do not how to start or have no idea. What should be the right questions you will be asking? Michael Webb, the veteran relationship expert and a best-selling relationship author now creates 1000 Questions for Couples from his latest book. Coming from the previous books of Webb, that were meant to persuade romance and keep things as they are from the relationship, this book is somewhat radical because it is the only real book that forces you to have the thorough review on your partner. The book covers 1000 different questions about romance, love and commitment that you can consult with your partner while the relationship develops.

With 1000 Questions for Couple books, you will find truly 1000 questions compiled together to assist you in exploring you and your partner deeper, with this couple-oriented question. This book consists of 70% questions that are concentrating on husband and wife relationships. Although this can also be a great reference for the new relationships, newly wed couples or soon to be married. This book has serious and fun getting to know you questions, and this can also be regarded like a relationship guide book to provide you with ideas and suggestions, for a better relationship like you will always want to maintain and keep.

With regards to 1000 Questions for Couples, there you can discover if opposites do really attract, and if they really do, could it be truly healthy to maintain a relationship with somebody that is sincerely different from yourself? However, Webb also discovers the logic in presuming that because both of you are sharing exactly the same values and hobbies, will mean that the two of you were destined to be? The process will not be accomplished in just a single sitting. Hurrying with the process in this book will definitely defeat the main purpose.

In the end, it looks like almost 80-85% of partnerships are in danger for divorce even when you already have dated for 5 to 10 years before the engagement and getting married, or even if you are seeing each other everyday. For the brides-to-be, it would be great if you make sure that the man you are about to marry is the perfect guy for you.

There are plenty of relationship therapy and marriage preparation books available on the market these days. However, they are almost focusing with exercises and theories. The 1000 Questions for Couples is different – this book concentrates with the couples making them see the different aspects of one another and see who really they are and discover what they truly are.

 The questions were grouped in every topic and subject areas like:
• Personality, emotions and feelings
• Hobbies and favorites
• Morals, beliefs and convictions
• Family and friends
• Children/parenting
• Sex
• Education
• Financial plans
• Attractions
• Career paths

There are some couples that choose to email each other regarding these questions while there are some who have decided to sit and have the discussion personally.

My thought

The advantage of the 1000 Questions for Couples book is the author being famous in this field, who has already written other romance books. In addition, the books cover different categories, and you most likely find many questions to ask your partner whom you have never thought of asking before. To top it all, this is an excellent book to anybody who wanted to have the advantage of achieving their happy and long-term marriage or relationship. This book is written well and very simple to follow. In addition, the price is very much affordable, which is not more than $25.

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