Tips to Keep Your Man Love


One of the universal truths that impede the quest for happiness in love is that our desires often overshoot our means: Many of us want someone who we cannot have. Falling in love with your idea of someone instead of who he actually is remains a great pitfall of the game of love. The following 7 suggestions are based in practicality.
1. Have a sense of humor.
Men like jokes and any brand of funny goings-on. Being able to tell a good joke is one thing, but the willingness to clown around or even be the butt of a joke shows a sense of security about yourself that can also be very attractive. Having a sense of humor will etch one of his labels for you in his mind: Fun.
2. Don’t be funnier than him too often.
Be fun, but don’t be Margaret Cho or Rosie O’Donnell. Men are under the impression that comedy is up to them while women know that the male of the species is often very comical when he doesn’t even realize it. Let him be the comedian in the relationship as much as he wants and you chip in just now and then.
3. Give him great sex.
A man is built straight down the middle: brains, heart, stomach and Mr. Happy. And the two most copacetic of the four central organs are the heart and Mr. Happy. You can win his allegiance and soften his heart by keeping Mr. Happy as much in the nature of his namesake as is lovingly possible.
4. Be a good cook.
The adage goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it’s as true today as it ever was. If he likes specially prepared seafood or even some exotic dish from Brazil or Scandinavia, learn to make it exactly the way he likes it. He will be delighted by the gastronomical care that you show him.
5. Let him have his space.
If he feels some sense of impingement on his freedom from the intensity of a relationship, it’s often that he may still have some more emotional growing to do anyway. Chances are, he will see that Freedom Road is usually a myth and will come back to the place where he never knew he had it so good: You.
6. Keep in shape.
A healthy and healthy-looking chassis means that you care about yourself and you respect the gifts of the body. You want to look sharp and toned because you want to be as physically attractive and as sexy as you want. He’ll admire you for it, his hormones will swirl and his ego will be stroked by being seen with you.
7. Share his interests.
Being open to what he wants to do and taking a sincere interest in his hobbies and pastimes will endear him to you. Even if you could care less about golf or tennis, give it a shot for his sake, for your sake if you want to find a way into his heart.
These 7 tips are just a few of the things you should do if you want to make your man fall in love with you. There are many common mistakes women make that drive men away, we will cover them in the next post.