Understanding Men in Relationships


Understanding men in relationships can be a challenging task. Many women always have a hard time searching for that guy who is willing to commit to her. These women always ponder on the thought as to why men are afraid of sticking to a relationship. If females are seen as fickle-minded and unpredictable persons, men on the other hand are known to be elusive. In understanding men, it is vital to know how they think and what they really look for in women. Here are a number of ways in understanding him to have a peaceful co-existence together.

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1. In understanding a man in relationships, you must know how they think. Between the two sexes, the man is more logical and systematic. They can become insensitive and they have a hard time expressing their emotions. Because they do not want to be belittled, they tend to become very cautious. They feel scared of being laughed at for becoming frank with their feelings. They would rather keep quiet than be humiliated in front of people.

2. One way in understanding a guy in relationships is to accept that men are created with the thinking that they are the family providers, decision-makers and problem-solvers. They want to deal with and solve issues immediately and if possible, they do not want to be bothered with anything else during the process. They can only think of one thing at a time, as it is difficult for them to multi-task. However, there are men who try to multi-task these days and be consistent with their feelings towards their women. If your partner is like that, you too have to practice consistency.

3. Never step on their ego. Men are born egoistic and when their pride is hurt, they will not forget this. This will be the effective way to understanding men in relationships. It is true that men like women who are confident and positive but they also prefer their partners not to be domineering over them. Men want respect so you must make him feel that his opinion matters a lot and that you are willing to take a step back for him. When he sees that you are less of a threat, he will stick to you. Never treat men like doormats.

4. Always get and maintain his interest in you to understand him in relationships. Be confident and challenging. This will keep him up on his feet in trying to win your attention. If he loses interest in you, he will most likely look for another person who would challenge him. Men’s interest in women fades when the latter become predictable and clingy.

5. Do not demand for a commitment, as men do not want to be pressured into something they do not like. When you pressure a man to commit to you, he will either get into a quarrel with you or he will simply leave you. If ever you convince him to fully commit, he will do so but not with genuineness and honesty. In understanding men in relationships, women will learn that they have to wait for men to commit to them.

There are other different ways in understanding men in relationships. One thing is certain and that is men are definitely mysterious but lovable creatures. With these mentioned ways in understanding a man, you are sure to keep your man smitten with you.

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