Understanding Men – What men need


The majority of men out there are not sure about what they really need to be happy. Therefore, it’s essential that you help your man determine what he is in need of. Let’s have a look at some of the things men say they are in real need of. When I asked some men, I realized that most of the denied needing anything at all but after some time, they admitted that there were some essential things they require to be happy.
We have decided not to post the names of the men that were interviewed for privacy concerns. Keep in mind that this is only part of an experiment that will help you understand men a lot more.

A woman should be…
The majority of men agreed that the woman they choose should be sympathetic as well as supportive. Who would have thought that men were in need of so much compassion?
Remember that men have a tendency to being unfaithful not just once but many times. There are some men that cheat more than others but you need to come to terms with that idea. If you are able to come to terms with that, the next step you should follow is to learn to cope with it.
If a man doesn’t have an understanding woman, it might make things a lot more complicated for him to cope with the situation and to avoid being unfaithful one more time.
You wouldn’t really care if he was with himself, would you?
However, if your man has another girlfriend who does not really understand him and who is always criticizing his actions, he will surely end up with you.
For instance, if your boyfriend buys something you know he doesn’t need, you will surely get mad at him. Even when this is a normal and expected reaction, you should try to see why he bought something he didn’t need.
There are several women out there who are not willing to understand men and their behavior.
It is essential to consider that we are talking about responsible men who are in charge of companies that mess things up. We are not referring to those men who make you feel you’re losing it.

Reasons for messing things up
The majority of reasons men give for messing things up do not seem to belong to adult people, instead they sound like childish excuses that make you want to punch them in the face.
Sometimes men only say that they had to have something, or that they weren’t thinking clearly, or that they thought their bills could wait for a little longer.
You are probably wondering how is it possible that a grown-up, sensible man has such ideas and how is it possible to be so stupid.

Solutions for childish behavior
The only thing you have to remember is that you might find things a lot easier than men do.
All you need to do is find out what made him act that way and what’s making him make so many childish mistakes. When you are able to do that, you will be on the way to understanding your man and keep him interested.
Your skills to help your couple come to terms with coping with his mistakes will allow him to see how much you care for him and it will help him trust you a lot more.
Let’s have a look at a clear example. A couple of months ago I acted in a way that hurt someone I love. I was not thinking about the consequences of my actions, in fact I thought I was doing things right.
We lost touch and we didn’t see each other any more and that made realize how much I missed her. In the end, we got together and talked things over and she made me realize that it had been my fault. The problem was that I hadn’t thought how much my actions would hurt her and that I could have lost a friend forever.
In some cases we mess things up on purpose but some other times it’s simply because we don’t think about the consequences of our acts.