What Men Really Want from Women


Because men like to have fun, they simply want to be in the company of a person who is exciting and fun as well. As the relationship grows from the dating stage to a commitment stage, men would still prefer to have enjoyable moments and activities with their partners. We can deny, good times are many guys want from women.

Regular passionate sex is also what men really want from women. By nature, man is also a sexual human being therefore they have the energy to perform sex every day. He would want his partner to be equally animalistic and lustful in bed. For them, making love is an expression of their feelings for the women they love and they want to know that they give their partners a good time in bed as well.

Women’s support and belief in them is what a man really wants from their partners. They want their women to understand them well and to be concerned of their welfare. They appreciate it when their partners ask how their day was and encourage them to do their best. When they see this attitude from their women, they too will be equally supportive and motivating to them.

Women looking good are what men really want from their partners too. They want to be in the company of good-looking females, as they would like people to see that they are successful in their careers and relationship. Having a good-looking lady with them is a status symbol that perks up the ego. So always look good for your partner.

Respectful partners are what him want also. They like their women to be polite and attentive towards them. They want to be loved and cared for and when they feel this way, they will reciprocate this as well.

Another thing what your man want in their partners is time to alone. Men need to have space from their partners to enjoy their own hobbies, sports and friends. You have to give this space to your man for him to appreciate you. Remember that he is also an individual like you and he had a life of his own before you. Never ask him to give up his identity. An understanding partner is what men really want and appreciate thus learn to understand his privacy. He also needs time alone to think of his problems and worries on his own and when he is ready to talk to you about it, he will go to you. Be patient and he will come to you. Time away will also make him miss you a lot. With these tips, you now know what men want from women.